What is a Blocked Milk Duct?

When you're breastfeeding, blocked milk ducts can happen – they present as sore, tender spots on the breast and can therefore make feeding uncomfortable. However, physiotherapy is here to help you manage this condition.

How Physiotherapy Helps:

  • Massage and Heat: A physiotherapist may guide you in gentle breast massage and the use of warm compresses. This helps to soften the blocked area and induce milk flow.

  • Positioning: Physiotherapy can educate you the best positions for breastfeeding that can help prevent future blockages, as certain positions may reduce pressure on the ducts.

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound: In cases where a clogged milk duct is not clearing, ultrasound therapy may be incorporated in the treatment plan. This modality is painless and can help break down the clog by stimulating breast tissues to increase milk flow.

  • Manual Expression: Physiotherapists can teach you how to manually express milk to help relieve the blockage, which may be helpful in cases where your baby might not be able to suck out all the milk.

In short, physiotherapy can be beneficial for resolving blocked ducts. Physiotherapists can teach you techniques to prevent and manage clogs, making breastfeeding a smoother and more comfortable process.